Celgene Patient Support Specialist

A single source

for access support

Our Specialists are here to help patients
access the Celgene medications
you have prescribed.


Celgene Patient Support® provides patients with help accessing Celgene medications

Our Specialists are committed to helping patients get their prescribed Celgene medications, no matter what their insurance situation. Click below for more information.

Depending on a patient’s insurance situation, there are programs and organizations that may help pay for the prescribed Celgene medication.

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On behalf of the patient, our Specialists are available to assist with each of the following steps in the insurance approval process for prescribed Celgene medications*:

Initiating a benefits investigation Providing information about the appeals process
Assessing prior authorization or precertification requirements Educating patients about insurance coverage or other programs for which they may qualify
*Celgene cannot provide insurance advice or make insurance decisions.

Here you will find downloadable financial assistance brochures, coding information for each product, information on requesting a Celgene Patient Support® educational program, and other resources that you may find helpful.

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We provide assistance for the following Celgene products:


Click here to see a quick reference chart on the financial assistance options available for each Celgene medication


A complete program overview you can print and keep

Celgene Patient Support® Brochure
If you prefer, you can download and print the Celgene Patient Support® brochure for quick reference. The brochure contains all the information you need about patient financial assistance and our insurance-related support for Celgene medications.